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Pokagon State Park to Yankee Springs 
108 miles / 3373 ft elevation

NOTES:  mixed terrain pavement, gravel, two track and singletrack (Fort Custer and Yankee Springs)


MILE 40 - Union City (24 Hour Shell Gas Station)

MILE 71.6 - Fort Custer State Park (Camping)

MILE 73.5 - Augusta (24 Hour Shell Gas Station, Custer Cyclery Bike Shop)

MILE 90 - Cedar Creek Grocery (limited hours)

MILE 106.3 - Yankee Springs Recreation Area (camping)



Route begins at Pokagon State Park for camping/staging

MILE 0-5.5 route is mostly paved with one short section of gravel

MILE 5.5 - 40 are majority gravel roads with some stretches of pavement. No significant climbing and has pleasant surfaces to ride. Union City at mile 40 has resupply options 

MILE 40-69.5 have a fair bit of pavement with roughly 50% gravel roads. No significant climbing in this section. Pass through town of Climax

MILE 69.5 - 73 enter Fort Custer state park. Rugged overgrown road stretch giving way to gravel then pavement. Optional singletrack loops here. Camping available

MILE 73-106.5 Pavement near Augusta with re-fueling options and bike shop giving way to majority gravel roads. Rolling hilly terrain with a seasonal road stretch (Sager Rd.) later in this section

MILE 106.3 Enter Yankee Springs Recreational area. Seasonal roads combined with singletrack terrain. Optional add-on singletrack loops and camping at Deep Lake campground. Modern camping available at Gun Lake State Park.

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