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Twinwood Lake to Hodenpyl Dam Pond
116.2 miles / 6,731 ft elevation

NOTES:  mixed terrain pavement, gravel and two track, singletrack NCT and Big M



MILE 218.5 - Twinwood Lake (Campground)

MILE 226.5 - White Cloud (24 Hour C-Store and Camping)

MILE 248.5 - Nichols Lake Campground

MILE 267.2 - Bowman Lake Campground

MILE 274.5 - US-10 Timber Creek Campground

MILE 288.9 - Leisure Time Campground (private)

MILE 296.5 - Bear Track Campground ( 1 mile off-route on side trail)

MILE 308 - M-55 Firetower Trailhead - seasonal water pump

MILE 312.2 - Blacksmith Bayou Campground

MILE 314.5 - Brethren (2 miles north off route) Bar and Gas Station

MILE 324.5 - Red Bridge Trailhead (just off route) - seasonal water pump

MILE 336.3 - Seaton Creek Campground - seasonal water pump


MILE 218.5 -230.5 Paved, gravel and some seasonal roads. Route passes over the Croton Dam and enters the Manistee National Forest. Forest roads may be sandy and loose. Use caution on M37! 28th and Centerline roads west of M37 pass through a swamp and are susceptible to flooding and deep water puddles. Route also passes near White Cloud which is a critical resupply before entering the NCT. White Cloud is a mile or so off-route.

MILE 230-249 NCT singletrack trail. Fairly well used and marked. Rolling terrain. this section ends at Nichols Lake where camping is available

MILE 249 - 266.5 Primarily gravel and seasonal roads with some pavement. Flat to rolling terrain.

MILE 266.5 - 308 Primarily NCT singletrack with a few road sections linking trail together. NCT is fairly well used in this section. Many creek/river crossings for water re-supply. Several sustained climbs in this section with hilly terrain near the end of the section. Route passes through Big-M trails where additional singletrack loops are optional

MILE 308 - 319 Majority gravel and seasonal roads with some pavement. Use caution on M-55! Some sandy sections on this stretch

MILE 319-334 NCT singletrack. Fairly well used and marked. Very hilly terrain with sustained climbs and descents. Very scenic and popular stretch. Walk bike across suspension bridge and small section of Manistee River Trail.

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