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Hodenpyl Dam Pond to Alba
119.5 miles / 6,105 ft elevation

NOTES:  mixed terrain pavement, gravel, seasonal roads, singletrack NCT. Can be quite sandy and hilly



MILE 336.3 - Seaton Creek Campground - seasonal water pump

MILE 347 - Mesick - limited hours gas station and grocery

MILE 368.2 - Baxter Bridge Campground (just off-route to the south)

MILE 377.4 - Old US-131 Campground

MILE 379 - Roadside Park - Bathrooms and Water

MILE 387 - Spring Lake State Forest Campground

MILE 388 - Fife Lake - 24 Hour C-Store (0.5 mile off-route to the north)

MILE 398 - Scheck's Place State Forest Campground

MILE 411 - Guernsey Lake State Forest Campground (just off-route)

MILE 420.5 - Kalkaska - 24 Hour Shell Gas Station

MILE 437 - Pickerel Lake State Forest Campground

MILE 454 -  Alba - limited hours Gas station 


MILE 334-353 Primarily gravel and seasonal roads with a large sustained climb and descent into the town of Mesick which offers options for resupply . Additional climbing after Mesick on pavement and gravel roads. Use caution on M37!

MILE 353-367.5 NCT singletrack with a few short seasonal/gravel road spurs connecting trail. Trail is not well used and slow going. pay close attention for trail markers and creek crossings. Hilly section with some tough sandy climbs and descents. Good remote camping on the river in this stretch. Good scenic overlooks as well

MILE 367.5-377.5 Short primary road stretch leading to seasonal roads. This section has some sandy spots but is not overly challenging. The NCT is avoided in this section because it is derelict.

MILE 377.5-387.5 Mix of singletrack trail and seasonal roads. Trail is easier to follow in this stretch with some scenic overlooks and cool spots to camp. Pay close attention to markers and what trail you are on as there are many side trails and intersecting trails in some areas. Use caution at 131

MILE 387.5-420 Primarily singletrack with some seasonal and ATV sections connecting singletrack. Sections can be rugged and a bit swampy, while others are well used and wide ski trail. Quite hilly in this region and many intersecting paths/roads so pay close attention to navigation! Great scenery with good water access and camping options. Many optional singletrack trail loops for optional additional riding

MILE 420-453.5 Mix of seasonal roads, gravel and NCT singletrack. Generally the terrain is quite sandy. First singletracj section is difficult to ride and not well used. Several sections are not well used, overgrown and slow going. Singletrack from Sunset Trail Rd to Eagle Lake is pleasant to ride with some big climbs and descents. The sections that follow are not as pleasant riding. Good camping on Sand Lake. Gravel road leading into small town of Alba which offers limited resupply

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