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Munising to Negaunee
116 miles / 5,430 feet elevation

NOTES:  mixed terrain pavement, gravel, two track, singletrack, bike path


MILE 184.6 Munising. All services.

MILE 200 AuTrain Lake Campground (just north of route)

MILE 231 Harvey (just west of route on M-28). All services

MILE 233.3 Michigan Welcome Center. Restrooms and Water

MILE 237.3 Rippling River Campground

MILE 243.5 Marquette. All services including several bike shops

MILE 253.2 Forestville Campground (just west of route 0.5 miles)

MILE 266.3 Negaunee. All services



MILE 185.5-200 The route leaves Munising and enters the Munising Bike Park onto singletrack trails. Optional fun loops with features to play around on here. The route wanders through the bike park and then exits onto a series of rugged roads and ATV trails. 

This section can be very sandy in spots depending on the weather. Eventually the sandy trails give way to nice gravel riding under hardwood canopy. AuTrain Lake Campground is just off-route at mile 200. This section is quite hilly.

MILE 200-227.3 The route continues along nice gravel roads until Rock River road. The 6.5 miles of route after Rock River road are less traveled and can be muddy during wet seasons. Once the route hits Deerton road it is smooth sailing on a mix of gravel and pavement.

MILE 227.3-234.8 The route uses the Iron Ore Heritage Trail to get to the outskirts of Marquette. If you are in need of reupply prior to Marquette you can veer off course at the M-28 bridge and follow the road into Harvey which has all services. The trail eventually hits the lakeshore and skirts along the coast to the South Trails in Marquette. At mile 233.4 the route passes a Michigan Welcome center which has bathrooms and water.

MILE 234.8-243.5 The route crosses under highway 41 and enters into singletrack trails at the Marquette South Trails. This section is almost entirely singletrack and passes close to Rippling River which has both modern and rustic camping. The trails vary in difficulty from beginner to intermediate.

MILE 243.6-246.2 This section is composed of bike paths navigating through the city of Marquette. You can find all major services in the city along with a number of great bike shops.

MILE 246.2-253.3 This section is entirely singletrack and utlizes the Marquette North Trails. It starts off on beginner trails eventually leading to Pine Knob which is an expert level trail however very beautiful. We recommend hiking anything you're not comfortable with.

MILE 253.3-267 The route takes a series of unique connectors to get to Negaunee. First you'll ride a paved road down to the dam and then follow the pipeline up to a neighborhood. Follow the route through a series of paved roads and houses to Hoist Road. The route will turn off onto the powerlines and follow them until North road. Note that the last couple hundred meters of powerlines passes through a swamp which will require some hike-a-bike to get to the road. North road goes directly into Negaunee which has all services.

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