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L'Anse to Greenland
86 miles / 4,130 feet elevation

NOTES:  mixed terrain pavement, gravel, two track, logging roads, small creek crossings


MILE 344.4 L'Anse. All services

MILE 346.2 Baraga state park CG (just west of route 1.5 miles)

MILE 396.1 Twin Lakes State Park Campground and store (2 miles south of route)

MILE 432.3 Greenland. Two bars/restaurant and general store



MILE 346.2-367 The climb out of L'Anse up Menge Creek road is sustained for 7 miles on a decent paved to gravel road. Once off Menge Creek road the route uses less maintained logging roads that vary in condition. Route can become overgrown and may have trees down. As the route nears the Sturgeon River Gorge the roads improve to a well traveled gravel surface. Usecaution on the steep descent into the gorge.

MILE 367-396.2 Steep climb out of the gorge on a gravel road. The road has been washed out requiring a short hike-a-bike section as of Summer 2020. The road is reliable and well traveled.This section of the route is generally well maintained and smooth traveling. Several large climbs. Just south of the route on highway 26 at mile 396 is the town of Twin Lakes with camping and a general store.

MILE 396.2-410 The route quickly becomes rugged after leaving the Bill Nichols trail. Roads are quite rocky and there is a long steep descent which should be approached with caution. This section is remote and inaccesible to vehicles due to several bridges being out. Expect at least 3 small creek crossings. No services in Misery Bay but the road is paved.

MILE 410-432.3 The route leaves Misery Bay on a decent road but it will continue to degrade in quality until becoming nearly abandoned around mile 416. The road consists of red clay and becomes unridable when wet. Expect to hike-a-bike if it is raining or has rained. The road is rugged and ill used from miles 416-424.5 except for logging. Once the route reaches the Firesteel River the road becomes paved and is easy going except for a long climb up to Greenland. There is a bar/restaurant on highway 38 in Greenland and a small store in Mass City father down the route.

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