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Yankee Springs to Twinwood Lake
109.9 miles / 4,656 ft elevation

NOTES:  mixed terrain pavement, gravel, two track, bike path and singletrack (Cannonsburg State Game Area and Cannonsburg Ski Hill - WARNING, State Game Area is closed September-February, stay on Egypt Valley Road to bypass. Cannonsburg Ski Hill is directional by day, pay attention to signs)


MILE 116.5 - Middleville (24 Hour Shell Gas Station)

MILE 129.4 - Freeport (General Store and Bar - just off-route)

MILE 144 - Lowell (NCT headquarters, 24 Hour Shell Gas Station, restaurants, bars)

MILE 172.5 - Cannon Township (24 Hour Mobile Gas Station - just off route)

MILE 179.5 - Rockford (24 Hour Citgo Gas Station, restaurants, bars)

MILE 187.5 - Cedar Springs (24 Hour Wesco Gas Station)

MILE 192.5 - Sand Lake (24 Hour Wesco Gas Station)

MILE 210 - Croton (Croton Bay Trading Post - just off route)

MILE 218.5 - Twinwood Lake (Campground)



MILE 106.3-109 Enter Yankee Springs Recreational area. Seasonal roads combined with singletrack terrain. Optional add-on singletrack loops and camping at Deep Lake campground. Modern camping available at Gun Lake State Park.

MILE 109 - 117 Gravel and paved roads on rolling terrain to the town of Middleville which has resupply options.

MILE 117 - 129 Depart Middleville on paved bike path and paved roads quickly giving way to "Dragon's Tail" singletrack followed by rugged seasonal roads. Very hilly section with tough terrain. Sections can have downed trees and mud when wet.

MILE 129 - 144 Pass near the town of Freeport and take gravel and paved roads to the town of Lowell. Gently rolling terrain. Lowell has resupply options as well as the NCT national headquarters.

MILE 144-164 Primarily gravel roads with some pavement. Hilly terrain but fast rolling.

MILE 164 - 166.5 Cannonsburg State Game Area singletrack. NOTE: this section is closed to bikes from September to February, you can bypass by staying on Egypt Valley Road. When open additional singletrack loops optional.

MILE 166.5-169 Road leading to Cannonsburg Ski Hill Singletrack. The trail is directional by day so take the appropriate direction to the parking lot. Additional singletrack loops optional. Hilly terrain

MILE 169-176 Mix of paved roads and paved bike path leading to Luton Park. Gently rolling terrain

MILE 176-178 Luton Park singletrack trail. Additional singletrack loops optional. Well-used singletrack that's easy to follow.

MILE 178-194 Paved road leaving Luton Park and passing through town of Rockford which offers resupply options. Leave Rockford on the White Pine Trail bike path and pass through the town of Cedar Springs and Sand Lake. Trail is paved until Sand Lake then becomes crushed limestone.

MILE 194 - 218.5 Paved, gravel and some seasonal roads in this section. 

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