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Greenland to Porkies
54 miles / 3,530 feet elevation

NOTES:  mixed terrain pavement, gravel, two track


MILE 432.3 Greenland. Two bars/restaurant and general store

MILE 434.3 Mass City. Bar, Gas station, store and lodging.

MILE 441 Rockland. Bar restaurant and lodging.

MILE 470.3 White Pine (just west of route). The Konteka lodging, store, restaurant.

MILE 475.7 Silver City. Lodging only.

MILE 478.4 Porcupine Mountains State Park. Camping and water.

MILE 486 Finish: Lake of the Clouds overlook - Porcupine Mountains State Park



MILE 432.3-441.1 Leaving Greenland the route passes Adventure Mine which is of cultural and historical significance. There is a water spigot in the parking lot. Shortly after the route passes through Mass City which has a general store. Not long after leaving Mass City the route becomes much more rocky and rugged and is primarily used by ATVs. Use caution on the descents as they are fast. There are a couple of large climbs before the final descent into Rockland. There is a bar in Rockland along with minimal resources.

MILE 441.1-463.8 A long paved descent takes the route out of Rockland towards Victoria. There is a very steep and arduous paved climb up to Old Victoria which is a site of cultural and historical significance. The route soon leaves the pavement and follows the ridge of the Trap Hills westward. Several prolonged climbs and descents mark this section. The gravel roads contain large rocks and the conditions vary. At mile 463.8 the route hits pavement.

MILE 463.8-486 The route is entirely paved the last 22 miles to the finish. There is a small store and restaurant in the town of White Pine. As of summer 2020 there wasn't much other than a hotel in silver city (bar/restaurant permanently closed). The finishing stretch up the 107th Engineers Memorial Highway is beautiful with many spots to stop and enjoy Lake Superior. The final climb is lengthy and the last half mile is very steep to the finish. Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park is a true gem and worth exploring.

MILE 486 End of the Upper Peninsula section at Lake of the Clouds overlook!

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